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Our health advisory board are some of the forefront innovators in the health and nutrition field. These organizers have created techniques that will help you lose weight and feel confident in your body. Losing weight isn’t just about cutting out foods that are delicious — it’s about finding the right strategy for your body that will help you feel healthier and better. Weight loss can be one of the most frustrating experiences, which is why we’ve created one of the best nutrition apps and programs for you to utilize. From looking at your lifestyle to what you’re putting into your body, this nutrition system and app will help you feel great about your body again or even for the first time. Each person on the health advisory board are all contributors to making this essential nutrition system and app that will change the way you think about losing weight.

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD

Meet Kim, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian. Kim lives in Ohio and is a very well known published author. As an author of nine books, Kim has spent 20 plus years in the field of nutrition. She has the necessary experience to provide advice toward eating healthier and living a more fulfilling lifestyle. A graduate from Bowling Green State University, Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology/Dietetics. She has experience as a corporate dietitian for three major national companies that specialize in weight loss. She also has worked in nursing homes and hospitals to help individuals there live a better lifestyle. As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Kim is also a part of the ADA Practice Group, Nutrition Entrepreneurs. With Kim’s help, we’re able to help you change your view of weight loss and nutrition with the best nutrition app and program.

Suzanne Fisher MS, RD, LDN

With 25 years of experience in the nutritional field, Suzanne Fisher MS, RD, LDN is a Registered Dietitian and licensed Nutritionist in Florida. Suzanna is experienced in weight loss management, meal planning, recipe creation, sports nutrition, and nutritional counseling. She has the necessary knowledge to help propel people toward losing weight and feeling more comfortable in their own skin. She understands that losing weight is a time consuming ordeal, and while you may feel like giving up, she can help push you toward a meal plan that will help you get the results you want. With a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition as well as a Masters of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Suzanne is a vital contributor to this nutrition system.

Dr. Daniel J. Muppidi, MD

Originally from India, Dr. Muppidi is one of the innovators of this weight loss system due to his extensive experience in the world of medicine. With a degree from Osmania Medical College in India, he has trained at the Internal Medicine at the New York Downtown Hospital – Cornell Medical Center in New York. He has studied allergies and immunology at the SUNY Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Daniel Muppidi has also trained in the Clinical and Laboratory Immunology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. As a certified board member in the Internal Medicine, Allergy – Clinical Immunology and Clinical/Laboratory Immunology, Dr. Muppidi has the necessary experience to help you get the results you want. In a full time practice since 1996, Dr. Muppidi was also a Clinical Instructor in medicine at Boston and Instructor in Medicine, Tufts University, and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. This experienced doctor has helped contribute the information that’s necessary and essential to help you know how to live a healthier and, in turn, happier lifestyle.

Dr. Washington Bryan, MD

Another doctor that has contributed to our weight loss system is Dr. Washington Bryan, board certified by the Integrative Holistic Medicine. He also has a board certification in American Board Of Obesity Medicine. As opposed to other doctors who deal with nutrition, Dr. Bryan has an innovative outlook on the obesity problem that seems to be overtaking the country. By addressing the seriousness of the issue, Dr. Bryan recognizes that obesity in the United States is a problem throughout the entire population. Regardless of race, age, sex, ethnicity, or socioeconomic position, Dr. Bryan takes a more interdisciplinary approach to each of the patients that come to him who are interested in improving their quality of life by entering a more positive state of health. His distinctive approach helps people who are dealing with obesity to figure out a way out of their cycle. If you’re someone who is in the realm of obesity, then this weight loss system is a great option due to Dr. Bryan’s involvement.

Dr. Zacharia Reda, MD

The last doctor who contributed to our healthy living system, Dr. Zacharia Reda, is an MD who is board certified in pediatric medicine and critical care. Dr. Reda has spent a majority of his career helping kids. With 22 plus years of practice in the pediatric field, Dr. Reda has always enjoyed working with children. He has worked with primary pediatric care, newborn, pulmonary, adolescent, and critical and intensive care. Dr. Reda studied at Albert Einstein School Of Medicine in New York and served a residency LAC/USC medical Center In Los Angeles. He has an internship in pediatric and completed his fellowship at UCLA in pediatric critical care. With a knowledge about pediatrics, Dr. Reda has contributed to the weight loss system with a knowledge of what can help children and, in turn, adults stay healthy.